Saturday, March 13, 2010

Don't Miss Your Chance to be Apart of a Bridal Show that will be off the charts!!!

Attention Wedding Vendors....Patio at The Barn will be hosting a interactive bridal show open house this coming June (exact day TBA). This will be fun and different from any other local bridal show around. If you may be interested please contact me ASAP for more info. To keep it competitive for you and less overwhelming for the bride we will allow no more than 3 of each type of vendor.

Featured Vendor

Kale Fitch Videography
Check out the Work:

Info about videography:
I think the biggest mistake I see so many couples make on their wedding day is cutting videography out entirely. I feel very strongly that wedding videography should be made a high priority for your wedding. Many couples cut this due to budget issues or they may have a misconception of what a wedding video actually looks like today. Gone are the days of shaky video, low quality results and uncreative shots. There are so many professional and talented videographers out there that make sure to capture the things you will miss or forget about on your wedding day by use of stabilization equipment, high definition cameras, a skilled/creative eye and overall professional service. I have put together a few quick tips on finding a videographer for your day:
Here are a few tips on finding a videographer for your wedding:
1. Hire a Professional {check out their work, credentials, equipment they use, referrals, if they are an actual business. I have seen one too many couples hire a "weekend warrior" and get something less than satisfactory. The old saying, "You get what you pay for," applies here as well.}
2. Find a videographer that fits your style and personality {working with a professional that you feel comfortable with makes your wedding day that much easier and more fun.}
3. Find the right coverage {from same day edits to engagement or date videos, there is so many options than just the standard coverage on your wedding day}
4. Book early {most professional videographers are booked months in advance and don't double book on the same day. So when you find one you like make sure to book as soon as possible}

You won't be disappointed when you invest in your memories that last a lifetime!!
Imagine being old and grey and sitting around with your grandchildren as they reminisce through your wedding pictures while being taken back to the day you vowed to be together forever by watching a personalized video of your wedding day!

Thursday, March 4, 2010

Interactive Bridal Show....Don't miss out!!

Attention Fellow Wedding Vendors:

This Summer we will be hosting our first ever Bridal Show at The Patio at The Barn in Pleasant View, Utah. This isn't just any bridal show! For our guests they will be attending a fabulous wedding put on by all fabulous vendors, thus giving these "Bride to Be's" a feel for exactly how amazing we can make their wedding day! If this sounds like something you want to be apart of please contact me and I'll give ya the scoop!!

Attention "Bride to Be's":

Get ready to mark your calendar and join us at The Patio at The Barn for a bridal show that puts you right in the middle of dreaming about your wedding day!! See how each vendor adds their perfect touch to help you create the wedding that's perfect for you and your family. From ceremony bridal shows, fabulous giveaways, and workshops, to seeing each vendor in action this will be a bridal show that you don't want to miss and will always remember!!!