Monday, June 15, 2009

Minaturizing Big Impressions

Want your wedding to make an impression that will last a lifetime? One of the hottest new trends are making Big Impressions in their miniature sized forms.

"Just for You" pies...mix up the fillings to match your colors or give variety to the liking of all your guests!

The comforts of home always sit well with any guest.
Warm chocolate chip cookes with a shot of ice cold milk.

Summerize those tarts!
With delicious seasonal fruit.
Don't is just the right size for all!

Miniture cake to keep the "cutting of the cake" tradition surrounded
by miniture cupcakes are sure to make a unique and lasting impression.

And my personal creme de la creme cups!
Top with fresh fruit the perfect amount of the rich creamy dessert everyone loves.