Sunday, October 25, 2009

Simply Stunning Weddings and Patio at the Barn Team Up

I'm so excited for the 2010 wedding season as I team up to take over all the weddings for The Barn Golf Course in North Ogden. Okay, more specifically Pleasant View.

My head wants to explode with all the ideas and possibilities that this opportunity brings to me. Starting small with big ideas developing over the next couple years. But I don't want to give away all my secrets at one time. ;)

My main focus for The Barn's weddings right now is flexibilty. So many couples want a beautiful outdoor reception but don't have a large yard to hold it in or simply don't want to spend all Summer wasting away trying to make their yard look "wedding perfect". Most couples know someone who can help with the flowers or the catering but run into the problem of having to use the venue's preferred vendors. That's why I want flexibilty to be our main key. Whether you only need a place to celebrate or a few more things, we're happy to help you with those things that you need.

For all those eager vendors....yes, we are still excepting bids for our 2010 packages. Contact me for further details.

For all those eager brides...yes, we are only excepting a limited number of weddings for 2010. Give me a call for your own personal tour and to reserve your wedding day.

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