Friday, January 22, 2010

Inspiration Boards, LOVE THEM!!!

Think Spring!

Now is the time all of you beautiful bride to be's are planning that perfect spring wedding. The colors you choose can be the defining line between "another Wedding" or "a Spectacular Wedding".

Here's some ideas to get those creative juices flowing!
Don't forget when choosing Spring colors you want bright and soft!

{Perfect Pink & Green}

{Yummy Yellows}

{Passion w/ Plum & Green}

{Pump up the Pink}

Pick your colors carefully
and make sure you pull them through in every part
of your wedding to create that stunning impression the screams
in every detail!


Oakstream Photography said...

OH I like inspiration boards! The purple/green is my fave!

Sharida said...

Have to say, I LOVE your taste! LOL It's mine too. Make's me want to do my wedding over again! :)